We can provide consulting in following areas

IT Security Policy & Governance, Security Architecture, Vulnerability Assessments, Penetration Testing, Process Improvement


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Chief Security Officer

Chief Security Officer, Security Officer functions for your business

Audit Program

Create a customized audit program suited for your organizations needs based on your industry requirements.

Security Architecture

Review Software, Network, Systems for security requirements.

Pre-audit Assessment

Before you have an independent 3rd party conduct an audit, contact us to conduct a gap analysis and prepare a remediation plan.

Vulnerability Management Program

Implement a Vulnerability Management Program

Penetration Testing

Conduct penetration testing


Quality services, first time, on time, all the time, your satisfaction is guranteed!


I have over twenty five plus experience in Information Technology, with experience in various industries, such as, health, retail, banking, oil & gas, software development, and telecommunications. Throughout my time I have worked in various capacities, Project Manager, Systems Integrator, Security Architect, Auditor, Penetration Tester, Vulnerability Assessment, managing teams of various sizes.

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